a photograph every day

September 12, 2017


I didn’t take this photograph but I did make the blanket.  It was for my latest granddaughter Sybil Forrest Murray.  She is the daughter of my son Dugald and his partner Emily.  Both lovely people.

I started this blog sometime ago.  I’m really not sure how to work it but I guess I’ll work that out.  I’d like to add a story that I wrote but it says its not in a format that it wants.


Melbourne 2009.

October 2, 2010

Finally got to the Melbourne Cup.  Not at all disappointed.  Think I look a bit like my Paternal Grandmother in this photo.  Loved my hat.  Very crowded day. Lovely breakfast with Dugz and Steph before we set off.

February 4, 2010
Anais, Great Grandfather, Andre and Nanna Judith

Visiting Noosa Heads for the first time

Rider, horse, chicken and spaniel

September 17, 2009


A loves her chookies.  She has become quite adept at catching thm and carting both around.  This photograph shows her with Snowy.  Snowy seems ever patient.  Dragonfly looks on. sometime in September 2009

Picnicing at Wivenhoe

September 15, 2009

We went to Wivenhoe on the weekend and had a picnic.  I love the colours and the distance.  I also like the solitude.IMG_2543


I love the lines and the colours.  The reflection and again the solitude.IMG_2538

This is what it was like driving there.  I wanted to see whether I could let the viewer experience the drive.  The way there was at times dull however I think you can get a sense of travelling towards some destination.

Saturday near Redcliffe

September 13, 2009


We went for a drive towards Redcliffe and stopped for lunch at a sort of pub.  The usual fare…..not very exciting. A good verdello though.  This photograph sort of shows the old with the new and the loneliness rather than solitude that they’ve achieved.  Pretty in isolation, but I don’t know if anyone sits there.  A wonderful view but surrounded by medium high rise and new a jetty with attempts to inform visitors of the past.  There was a comment that the whole area was very low. What if a tidal wave came? hummmm

Picnicing at Wivenhoe

September 13, 2009

reflections September 2009

Wivenhoe Dam August 2009

Along the road

Today we went for a picnic at Wivenhoe Dam in the Brisbane Valley.  The colours were beautiful.  Very muted blue, greys and creams.  We found a spot where only electric powered boats or sail were permitted.  Very peaceful and anyone else there were similiarly quiet. 

I’m showing you three photographs.  The first two are at the picnic spot.  These are my colours.  The third photograph is on the way.  I just wanted to see how a photograph would look from the windscreen.  Whether the viewer would get the feeling that they were travelling too.